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Podcast player for language learners

Listen to podcasts, follow along in the transcript and look up words in the built-in dictionary.

Tech stack: Next.js, React, MobX, PouchDB/CouchDB, Material UI


Find your stuff easily

Stuffo helps you catalog your items in your home, so that you don't have to search everywhere when you need to find something.

Tech stack: Next.js, Material UI, MobX, PouchDB

Transcript Player

Learn languages with podcasts

Podcast player app for language learners that automatically scrolls the transcript, highlights the text, displays a vocabulary helper, and can translate paragraphs.

Tech stack: Ruby on Rails, React, Material UI, MobX

Transcript Player for Teachers

Create interactive listening exercises

Enables language teachers to create listening exercises where students can listen to a recording, follow along in the transcript, and view the translation when needed.

Tech stack: Next.js, Material UI, MobX, PouchDB/CouchDB

Timed Notes

Take notes with timestamps

Start a timer and take notes at any timestamp. Export data as a plain text file or CSV. A possible use case is take notes while recording a podcast and import them into Audition for editing, adding chapter markers, etc.

Tech stack: Next.js, React, MobX


German-English Dictionary

German-English dictionary with speedy fuzzy search. Uses data from Wiktionary. Installable as a PWA and works offline.

Tech stack: Next.js, React, MobX

Barcode Sheet Generator

Generate barcodes for printing stickers

This tool lets you print barcodes on sticker sheets with a regular printer.

Tech stack: Next.js, React, MobX