About this tool, instructions and security notice

This tool allows you to start a timer and add notes at specific times.

Security Notice: If you're on a shared computer, make sure to use the "Clear" button when you're done. Your entries are stored in your browser's local storage, so they will still be there if you close the tab and return later.

Automation: You can attach the following commands to the URL (you can use this for automations with Keyboard Maestro or similar):

  • #time=0:05 - set the timer
  • #resume - resume timer
  • #start - start timer from zero
  • #clear - clear the notes

Commands can be joined with a comma, e.g. #clear,time=0:05,resume.

Check the developer console to see debugging messages.

Shortcuts: Press M to start adding a Cue/Marker at the current time or N for a Subclip/Note. Press Enter to add the entry or Esc to cancel. P will pause the timer and R will resume it.

Created by Levente Bagi.